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Inspired and created by a combination of two passions of authentic handmade textile and the ocean.
Ikat ‘halus’ | single (115 x 220)

Ikat ‘halus’ | single (115 x 220)


Looks great in your interior, for example on your couch, on a chair or hang up on your wall.
Also comes in handy for a picknick or a day at the beach!

Modern ikat from Java.
The difference between the Java ikat ‘basic’ and Java ikat ‘halus’ is that ‘halus’ is fine-woven.
These ikats are handmade with modern techniques.

SINGLE: 115 x 220 cm | €35,00

The ikats are handpicked by CURMS based on quality, color and material.

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The handcrafted touch of artisan skill creates variations in colour and design.
When buying two of the same item, differences should be expected.

Note: Colour differences may occur between this product and your screen.

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