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Inspired and created by a combination of two passions of authentic handmade textile and the ocean.
EXCLUSIVE: original vintage IKAT

EXCLUSIVE: original vintage IKAT


For the real ikat lovers among us!

Original authentic ikats from Indonesia. These beautiful pieces of art are now for sale at CURMS and will look great in your interior as wall art.

Ikat is known as a handwoven cloth. The essential characteristic of ikat is the dyeing of patterns before the weaving takes place. Each activity, from cotton plant, to dyeing, to weaving, goes fully by hand. The traditional weavers grow their own natural colours and cotton.
The ikats CURMS selected were used once by local people as a sarong; one of the earliest form of clothing of Indonesia, and are between twenty and fifty years old.


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:: This ikat originates from Flores ::

Flores is a big island in Eastern Indonesia. The ikats we selected are from Sikka-district in East Flores. The Sikka people produce very complex fabrics for exchange in marriage and to define the network of social relationships.

Every island, weaving village or family has its own patterns and colours that tells them their history. This makes every ikat special and unique.

The ikats are handpicked by CURMS based on quality, color and material.

:: Read all about the ikat weaving process ::

Note: Colour differences may occur between this product and your screen.

:: Method ::

Hand spun cotton, hand woven, vegetable dyes, warp ikat. Consists of three panels sewn together. The end panels of this Ende tube skirt or sarong are identical and form, after the three panels have been sewn together, mirror images of each other

History and Use: Ikat weavings are not only worn in traditional and ceremonial dress, but also form part of the bridal payment. Ikat designing takes a long time. In years past a number of weavers would work solely on orders from the local palace. Now the textiles are available in the market place.


The handcrafted touch of artisan skill creates variations in colour and design.
When buying two of the same item, differences should be expected.