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Inspired and created by a combination of two passions of authentic handmade textile and the ocean.



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    The Indonesian rayon beach sarong has always been a favourite. There are endless possibilities to use this sarong, for example at the beach, for decoration, as a shawl, dress or at a picnic. The CURMS sarong is made of 100% rayon and is dyed in a traditional local batik factory in Indonesia. :: Read all about the process ::
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    Boardsock shortboard & longboard

    The CURMS boardsock will protect your board from the elements, such as the sun and sand (and keeps your car clean!). It is made of stretchy terry towel in two unique designs. Combined with a canvas nose protector and handy front pocket with a velcro closure and a string for your fin key. The boardsock has a draw string closure. Two different colours. Eight different sizes.
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