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Inspired and created by a combination of two passions of authentic handmade textile and the ocean.


The Happykini is designed for girls and women who love being active in and around the water.
We have chosen traditional ikats, from the island of Savu and from Flores, for the prints.

:: A few reasons why we call our swimwear the Happykini ::

◊ We create swimwear that stays on. Playing in the ocean or pool with no worries
◊ By buying a Happykini, you support the local handwork artists in Indonesia. From weaving lady to seamstress
◊ CURMS makes sure that the workers in the workshops work under fair conditions
◊ We create swimwear with a meaning. It is more than ‘just a product’
◊ Our swimwear is fully reversible. If you get one Happykini, you have four different styles to wear
◊ The most important: it is made with love .
Don’t you think wearing this bikini makes you happy?!

:: Meet the Happykini-crew ::

Just like the Feel goodies, there were quite a few people involved to create the Happykini’s. The two main persons are Carmen and Pak Barnawi.
Pak Barnawi is originally from Java. He moved to Bali at the age of seventeen and started working as a tailor. He worked for many different companies and with al lot of different fabrics; leather, jeans, silk, cotton, etc. He wanted to become a specialist, but he couldn’t find out which material he liked most to work with.

In 1995 pak Barnawi worked for a Hawaiian company, based in Bali and they had their first order with nylon/spandex: an extremely difficult stretchy fabric to sew. No one in the company had experience with this fabric but Pak Barnawi decided to give it a try. Amazingly it worked out very well and they got a lot of orders for swimwear.
After this success he wanted to focus on swimwear only and worked for

one of the biggest swimwear manufacturers in Bali.
In 2003 Pak Barnawi decided, together with his wife, also from Java, to start their own business: specialists in handmade swimwear. Until this day they make every piece with passion and full concentration. The family and company have recently moved back to East-Java, where they have enough space to grow from and be surrounded by all their family.

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