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Inspired and created by a combination of two passions of authentic handmade textile and the ocean.

Feel goodies

We have selected every motif, pattern and detail carefully and re-used the ikats to turn them into these beautiful one of a kind accessories. We try to give the antique textile the best and most qualitative new life.
Each creation has it’s own imperfections which give our Feel goodies their unique character.
We combine this all with strong canvas and high quality YKK zippers.

The inside of every Feel goodie is made of authentic batik from Yogyakarta, Java. Batik is the other traditional technique from Indonesia. This cloth is produced by manually applying a wax design to the fabric. Then the fabric is dipped in dye, the wax is removed and an intricate design remains.

:: A few reasons why we call our bags and accessories Feel goodies ::

◊ Every item is not just a product, it’s a piece of art.
◊ Every single piece is one-of-a-kind and has its own artwork. Not two of them are the same.
◊ By buying a Feel goodie, you support the local handwork artists in Indonesia. From weaving lady to seamstress.
◊ CURMS makes sure that the workers in the workshops work under fair conditions.
◊ We have chosen every single motif, pattern and detail with care and attention.
◊ 100% made with love!

How do you feel when you look at your new goodie? Pretty good right?!

:: Meet the Feel goodie-crew ::

There were many people involved in this process. The most important brains behind the Feel goodies are Carmen, pak Ade and pak Suki and his family.

Pak Suki is originally from Surakarta, Java, where he worked as a tailor for various companies. In 1991 he and his wife decided to move to Bali, where they started their own sewing workshop for clothing and accessories. There are many tailors in Bali and they discovered that competition was strong. They had to find a way to be new and different.

In 1998 they met pak Ade, who happened to be from the same city, Surakarta, in Central Java. Pak Ade has always been interested in traditional textiles from Indonesia. His hometown Surakarta is close to Yogyakarta, the other centre of Indonesian batik. In the early nineties he decided to introduce this artwork to Bali and opened his own little art shop. Not long after he came in contact with someone from Flores, who introduced him to ikat. He discovered the beauty of these hand-woven textiles and today he is known in Bali as the master of ikat.

After a little while he needed someone to sew for him but it was hard to find someone who wanted to make products out of ikat. Every ikat is different, which means someone has to process each cloth one by one.Many of the ikats are antique, fragile, worn and weathered. It needs a lot of patience and time to choose the right motifs. In 1998, both of them searching, Pak Adi and pak Suki met and decided to collaborate. Fifteen years later, when CURMS met them, they are still working together like a family and they are a golden team.

Pak Ade takes CURMS straight to the most beautiful ikat and batik. Pak Suki processed them in the Feel goodies.

The ikat weaving process


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