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Inspired and created by a combination of two passions of authentic handmade textile and the ocean.


:: Seven possible questions already answered for you ::

– What if the item I want to purchase is out of stock? Will they be restocked soon?
No. Unfortunately CURMS is clearing up. Gone = really gone!!!
Our swimwear:
The latest eco collection (the colours Mustard, Melrose and Grayblue) is mostly in stock. This means that the previous collections will no longer be restocked. Only while stock last. It’s unfortunate to hear your wished item is sold out, but this does retain its exclusivity. Hopefully your understanding for this! Perhaps one of the new colours is something you might like.
Also many girls are mixing different prints, for example the Clay Top and a Mustard Bottom. Maybe it’s an option for you?!
Our accessories:
All items are one of a kind. Once sold out, there won’t be another item.
– I love the brand and I’m dying to spend my cash. Please tell me, where can I buy CURMS?
CURMS is a small brand from The Netherlands.
* For shippings in the Netherlands and international shippings, simply have a look and order at our online webshop.
* You’re very welcome in our showroom in Wijk aan Zee (The Netherlands) for some live shopping.
We don’t have fixed opening hours so please contact us for an appointment.
* Visit one of our retailers.
* Come see us at one of the festivals or events we’ll be visiting! Keep an eye on our Events and Social Media for places and dates.
– What about the sizes of the swimwear? What if my body shape is not quite symmetric if you know what I mean?
No worries ladies. The Happykini comes in size XS to XL. Tops and bottoms are sold by a mix-and-match principle. So you can create your own perfect combination of shape, color and size of your Happykini!
Please check out our Size Guide.
Our personal advice: please keep in mind that the bikinis are, while you try them on, completely new and unworn. We have consciously made the elastics in the seams a bit tighter then normal, so the bikini stays in place. If you try fitting the top, you should pull it tight, especially at the front (the top part) upwards, and at the side to the back. This way the top will fit neatly. In a matter of time, elastic will always stretch a bit, especially in contact with water. The bikini doesn’t always stay as tight as it is the first time while fitting (in both the top and the bottom).

We personally recommend the tighter the better, as these bikini’s are made to stay on. But the most important thing is of course that you feel comfortable in the bikini, if that is not the case, then a size bigger is a better idea. It’s stretchy material and most of the girls who try the swimwear on will fit two sizes. It’s very personal and totally up to you if you like a bit more coverage or if you like it tight.

– What if my swimwear doesn’t fit?

To avoid such inconvenience we can most certainly advice to try them on! Make an appointment to visit us or follow us to one of the upcoming events. If you’re not able to visit us, we suggest you take a close look at the size chart before purchasing your items.
We aim for the perfect fit for our Happykini’s, to makes sure that it stays in place and you don’t need to worry. Expect your CURMS swimwear to be tighter and smaller than you’re used to; this is exactly how it needs to be. Keep in mind that stretchy fabric will expand a bit in contact with water.
Of course it may happen the size doesn’t fit your expectations. You can exchange your product (only in new, unworn state with attached stickers and tags!) in our showroom or at one of our events. Returning by mail will also be an option, but will unfortunately be at own cost. In case of exchange, please check our page Shipment & Returns or send an email to with your details and exchange product, so we can reserve another size for you and arrange the exchange.
For more details please check our terms&conditions.
– I want to know all about your brand, where can I find more information?
We have done our best to describe every part of the process in creating CURMS and the Happykini and Feel goodies. You can find our extensive story one our online page Our Story. If there are still questions left unanswered after reading all available information, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We can go on and on about our story =)
– My product seems to be damaged, help me!
All CURMS products are all fully handmade with care and precision in Indonesia. Please note that differences in color are to be expected due to a complex coloring and/or weaving process. If your product is damaged within short time under normal use, please send a clear picture and description of the problem to or come by in our showroom in Wijk aan Zee. We will do our very best to get to a satisfying solution together as soon as possible.
– How can I pay?
We accept IDeal and PayPal. Please see for information on PayPal payments.
All prices are inclusive of VAT (where applicable) at the rate appropriate to the country of receipt, where within the EU, and are correct at the time of entering the information on to the system. If for some reason we are unable to ship your goods, the value of the items that are not shipped will be refunded to the original method of payment.

All prices are exclusive of delivery charges. The total cost of the order is the price of the products ordered plus the delivery charge.


When placing an order the full amount is reserved on your account by CURMS. Payment is debited from your card at time of dispatch.

We offer our customers to securely and conveniently send and receive payments online using PayPal. When you use PayPal, your financial information is kept private and every PayPal payment is followed by an email confirming your transaction. You can choose to pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express or your already registered PayPal account.

This payment method passes your order along to PayPal who receive and control your order. If you have a registered PayPal account you can choose this for purchase without typing your credit card information. Signing up for a PayPal account is optional, which means that you as a customer can complete your payment first, and then decide whether you want to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases.

Refunds are processed instantly. If the PayPal payment was funded by credit card the money will go back to the card and depending on the card issuer it may take up to four days before it shows on the customer’s credit card statement. Refunds of transactions that were funded by bank account or PayPal balance are credited instantly to the customer’s PayPal account.

Is your question not answered here? Please check our terms&conditions for more information.
Still no answer? Then feel free to send us an e-mail.


We hope you will enjoy your new Happykini and/or Feel goodies as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you!