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Inspired and created by a combination of two passions of authentic handmade textile and the ocean.


Meet Eva!
Indo lover and explorer, CURMS-fan and supporter from the very very beginning. Always wearing a bikini and always a big smile on her face!
Name: Eva de Koning
Home spot: Scheveningen, The Netherlands
Sport: Surf
Favorite spot: Indonesia
CURMS and I are the perfect match because it’s the perfect bikini for surfing –>> It stays on and they look great as well:) I’ve tried many different surf bikini’s, but I didn’t find a better surfbikini then CURMS!
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Meet Nette!
Always on the road for epic waves. Whether in her van cruising through Europe or going of the grid in El Salvador. She created a life you don’t need holiday from, always wearing a bikini and a big smile on her face!
Name: Nette Klement
Home spot:  Unfortunately I didn’t grow up at the ocean, so I don’t really have a home spot. Probably where I spend the most time surfing is in the North of Spain.
Sport: Surfing, Surfskating, Snowboarding, Photography
Favorite spot: I think that my favourite left is Lancy’s Left in Nicaragua and my favourite right is Punta Roca in El Salvador.
CURMS and I are the perfect match because I like to spend all day in the water! I was always looking for a bikini that stays on when you have a great wipe out and so do my CURMS Bikini’s! 😀
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Meet Mitch!
The genius behind the CURMS lookbook. All of them!
We’re very happy to announce Mitch as our CURMS creative-ambassador.
Always a pleasure working with Mitch. Love her photography and her always big smile. Thanks for being part of CURMS! Currently living on a sailboat, making dreams come true.
Name: Mitch Nieuwehuizen
Home spot: Zandvoort, The Netherlands
Sport: Surf, photography
Favorite spot: Batu Bolong, Indonesia
I met Carmen, the founder of CURMS, many years ago. She started her own swimwear brand while I finished my Photography Degree. We decided to start working together, organised happy shooting days, made beautiful lookbooks every year and we’ve been growing a lot ever since! A few years later, CURMS has created an amazing team with inspiring people and I’m very proud to be part of this team as CURMS creative ambassador! Always a pleasure to be inspired by the other ambassadors and all the other CURMS fans I met along the way!
Can’t wait for more adventures and for our wildest dreams to come true!
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Meet Sigal!
She loves the outdoors, leaves no wave unridden,
travels as much as she can, loves to live her life in bikini!
Name: Sigal Kruithof
Home spot: Scheveningen, NL
Sport: Surf, yoga
Favorite spot:
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Meet Kiki!
Very pleased to introduce you to this very inspiring women, Kiki Bosch.
She aims to motivate other people to disturb the comfort and experience the great benefits the cold can have on mind and body.From now on Kiki will freedive the cold and deep waters around the world wearing CURMS. We are very honored to become part of her adventures!!! 
Name: Kiki Bosch
Home spot:
Sport: Ice & free diving
Favorite spot:
Please follow Kiki her adventures and read her amazing stories.
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Meet Nicky!
Name: Nicky
Home spot: Wijk aan Zee
Sport: Surf & yoga
Favorite spot: Beliche, Portugal
I really love wearing CURMS as well as in & out of the water. I like surfing and swimming in CURMS because of its perfect fit and wearing a CURMS legging while practicing and giving yoga makes me very happy!
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Meet Arrianne!
A real waterwoman. Professional windsurfer, competing in the World Tour with great results. Surfing, SUPping, yoga or snorkeling, always active and surrounded by water! Stoked to have you covered with CURMS.
Name: Arrianne Aukes
Home Spot: Wijk aan Zee / IJsselmeer
Sport: Windsurfing
Favorite spot: Jericoacoara in Brazil and Cape Town
CURMS and I are the perfect match because we both love being in the ocean! They are perfect when you love being active in the water and still wanna look good 😉
Check out more about Arrianne at
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Meet Noa!
Noa is a profesional surfer girl from San Sebastian and she’s living currently in Tenerife , Spain. She instantly fell in love with CURMS swimwear.
Excited to announce Noa as our ambassador!
Stoked to have you in our team and to be part of your dreams and adventures.
Name: Noa Iturripea
Home spot: Zurriola, Spain, but at the moment anywhere in Tenerife 😉
Sport: Surf, yoga, skate.
Favorite spot: Granite Bay, Noosa, Australia
CURMS and I are the perfect match, because I like to look good while I’m doing sports. Curms swimmers stay on and look good on me.
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