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Inspired and created by a combination of two passions of authentic handmade textile and the ocean.


We would like to introduce ourselves and what CURMS stands for.

The founder of CURMS is Carmen van der Klooster.
Grown up in a small coastal town in the Netherlands and a world traveler since young age. At the age of six her parents took her to Indonesia for the first time. This is when she got her first ikat and when her love for traditional textile began. The beautiful patterns and colours, all made with a lot of creativity, effort and, most of all, passion of the weavers.
Eleven years later she went back to surf Indonesia’s incredible waves and decided to come back every winter. Surfing had become a passion. Every year she brought back some typical Indonesian textiles and started to sew her own little bags and accessories, which she called ‘goodies’. A few years and visits to Indonesia later, Carmen decided to combine these two passions of traditional textile and surfing.

The Happykini’s and Feel goodies were born!

One question that has kept me busy for a long time

Carmen:”There is one question that has kept me busy for a long time. What is more important, an object or the idea behind it? I personally think that it’s important that a product is not just ‘a product’. I focus on the content. What is the story behind it? Is it made with a purpose? But is the idea behind it than more important than the object itself?
I found the answer to this question: Combine! A product made with craftsmanship, quality and with a meaning.
That’s what CURMS stands for. Combine what matters to you.”

Every product of CURMS is fully handmade

In every product of CURMS we focus on meaning. What we produce has significance for us and, therefore, for others.  We want to create something that has real human value. Every product of CURMS is fully handmade.

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Meet the rest of our team, and their story’s in the next chapters!

The ikat weaving process

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